Client: American Insurance AssociationArchitect: Envision

Washington, DC | 25,000 sf

The interior build out of the American Insurance Association project was completed on a fast track 14 week schedule. The 25,000 square foot project at 2101 L Street, NW, Washington, DC commenced August 25, 2008, and was completed November 21, 2008. The project build-out included an elevator  lobby, six conference areas, millwork wood paneling, multiple ceiling details due to height transitions and stone throughout the reception and conference areas.

One of the project elements that presented design and construction challenges was the amount of room in the plenum space with regards to the achievable finished ceiling heighths. The slab to slab heighth was 10’7” and the finished ceiling heighths ranged from 8’0” to 8’10” throughout the space.  At some areas new duct, as well as lighting, needed to be installed in an area with 17” of plenum space.  The coordination of the plenum ceiling needed to well planned and coordinated to keep the design in tact. An example of the coordination needed results in trying to work around the base building 15” medium pressure duct in the main conference area.  New duct, linear diffusers, lighting, and sprinkler lines all had to be designed in the field to maintain the finished ceiling design of drywall and ACT.  Once the plenum space design was completed and verified, the new full heighth glass partitions, glass doors and pre-finished millwork panels could be fabricated.

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