Base Building
Client: 1800 M Street NWArchitect: INTEX Group, Inc.

Washington, DC | 60,000 sf

The Phase II renovations at 1800 M Street NW required a complete building repositioning of the North and South Towers, occupying a half of a city block, and ultimately transforming the spaces from aging, Class B structures into Class A category office space. Complete renovations to the exterior and interior of the buildings were necessary in order to achieve the project goals. Both buildings were occupied throughout construction duration by multiple tenants, which required extensive pre-planning and scheduling throughout the preconstruction phase. The project team had to work in phases in order to accommodate 1800 M Street tenants and complete the work within the allotted schedule duration. This project had multiple objectives that each required exceptional coordination, scheduling and manpower.

The North lobby, the South lobby, and the elevator modernization comprised one phase of the work. These spaces required the demolition of all existing finishes and systems within the space, down to the original 1970’s era precast. Meanwhile, coordinating access and walkways into the buildings and to the separate floors for each tenant was a necessary component in the work. All elements within the lobbies and elevator systems – including HVAC systems, drywall, fire safety systems, millwork, steel, light fixtures, stone, flooring, and ceilings – had to be replaced. The end products are high-end common use areas featuring Onyx wall panels and Travertine flooring.

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