For over 25 years, rand* construction has committed to providing client-oriented, design-sensitive services and has consistently delivered projects that achieve each of our clients’ goals. Throughout the entire project – from award through close-out and turnover – rand* collaborates with our partners to ensure a high quality product, added value at each opportunity, and an exceptional experience for our clients.



rand*’s collaborative, transparent preconstruction process provides the client with a complete analysis of their project regarding design, functionality, schedule, and cost. As a differentiator in the marketplace, rand* utilizes the project management and field teams during preconstruction in order to adequately inform the client and project stakeholders regarding cost, design, functionality, and timeline.



rand* project teams are innovative and utilize the latest in means and methods, new products and techniques, and material resources. Our project management and field staff are uniquely qualified to manage the work both on and off-site and keep the client and project partners informed at all times and achieve all project goals within the budget and schedule.


Sustainable Construction

rand* construction goes above and beyond to ensure our construction practices and products can harmonize in a sustainable setting and a healthy environment. From best practices to a streamlined LEED certification process, rand* demonstrates consistent excellence in managing sustainable construction.



rand* construction’s virtual construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities enables the project team to anticipate potential construction and trade challenges on site before breaking ground. With the expertise to analyze this information during preconstruction, rand* is able to save the client both time and money during the construction phase of the project.


Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) enables rand* to add value at all points of the project so that our clients have the benefit of sound counsel in constructability, cost, and market delivery capacity. The collaborative approach allows creativity, fully vetted problem solving, equal footing amongst team members, a free exchange of ideas and shared responsibility.

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