Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides real-time visuals and allows the team to see the design elements and infrastructure in a three-dimensional model. Relationships and discussions in this phase are valuable in working out broad coordination issues.

Our firm’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) department skillfully provides our clients and project teams with a platform of 3D-6D modeling that streamlines workflow and increases collaboration on the front end to achieve better value and successful projects.

On our previous projects, rand* and the design team utilized the BIM process to create conflict-free layouts for each disciple/scope of work that elevated impediments in the schedule and quality control. Vital information such as quantities, material descriptions, and design options were extracted from the models to spearhead the efforts and efficiency in the shop drawings/submittal phase. Our field staff was trained in the fundamentals of the BIM process which empowered the implementation and duplication of success in field coordination. In the course of turnover/close-out of the project, our BIM department delivered a fully coordinated 3D as built model to our client for record and possible future projects.

For more information on our BIM services and capabilities, please contact our BIM Coordinator.

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