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Del Mar Restaurant

791 Wharf Street, SW, Washington, DC

Architect:2 Scale
Size:11,728 SF
Schedule:24 weeks

2018 WBC Craftsmanship Awards - Finishes

Del Mar Restaurant

Del Mar is an award-winning flagship restaurant located at The District Wharf. The project was a premier attraction for the grand opening of the Wharf requiring a hard deadline for the project delivery. Significant coordination with the construction managers and other general contractors at the Wharf was critical for construction due to the extent of projects running concurrently on site. The high-end design contained an extensive number of custom materials including: glass, lighting, steel, plaster, ornamental metals, and most notably the stone and millwork packages.

The stone and millwork were sourced and designed locally and in Spain requiring special attention with the design team abroad. rand strategically staffed key members of the preconstruction, management, and field team who were fluent in Spanish in order to ensure quality and delivery of the project. The major challenge for the stone and millwork packages was that the materials sourced locally and abroad created different profiles due to the difference in empirical and metric measurements. The subcontractors had to precisely layout the stone patterns and millwork panels respective to their material depths and detailed the transitions so that the substrates made up the difference of profile height and allowed the materials to be integrated seamlessly.