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Restaurants At Hangar 2

Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, CO

Architect:Semple Brown Design
Size:10,000 SF
Schedule:34 weeks

Restaurants At Hangar 2

rand* was contracted by Larimer Associates and Hartman Ely Investments to assist in the redevelopment of Hangar 2, the historic Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, CO. The new development restores the historic hangar landmark into a new commercial mixed-use neighborhood gathering place, consisting of retail and office space, a dining district, and a state-of-the-art storage facility. The project was financed through a public-private partnership, and also received funding from the Denver Urban Renewal Authority.

rand* completed all site work at the 6-acre development and built the structures that house the Lowry Dining District at Hangar 2. The new culinary destination features various chef-driven establishments including fine dining, ethnic cuisine and a neighborhood pub. rand build two ground-up structures to core and shell condition for the future restaurants. The buildings are steel framed with concrete foundations. The scope consisted of all underground utilities including electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and HVAC, as well as metal paneling, masonry and storefront glass. Site work on the 6-acre site included earthwork, asphalt, concrete flatwork, landscaping, underground utilities, signage, and site lighting. The team overcame challenges such as weather delays, changes in scope and design, and unforeseen site conditions through diligent communication and flexible decision making.