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rand* is Still Taking Care of Business, Even While Distancing

rand* is Still Taking Care of Business, Even While Distancing

rand* is taking a proactive approach to meeting and excelling in these unprecedented times.  The novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) has presented many challenges to construction, and we are committed to keeping our sites moving safely and supporting our clients.  The rand* Standard hasn’t wavered once, we are continually adapting to find better-than-before methods to focus the Safety of team members and job sites as the first pillar of Excellence.


Some of the Policies We are Implementing:




  • All personnel must complete Pre-Screening COVID forms, prior to being admitted entrance to job-site.  This includes all subcontractors, client personnel, and rand* team members.  Utilizing QR mobile technology expeites this new safety precaution and keeps work flow and job site access efficient and unencumbered!




  • Every job-site has at least one dedicated Site-Safety Monitor, in-charge of providing support and supplies to all site personnel as well as enforcing all safety policies on site.  Safety Monitors ensure that 100% Face Covering policy is maintained at all times, sanitizers and safety materials are available and delivered promptly, and all Pre-Screening Forms are filled out before the work day beginning, among any other site specific safety needs.




For more information about our COVID 19 safety protocols

Contact Dylan Whitaker, Safety Manager