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Employee Spotlight—Get to know rand*s Directors’ of Field Operations

Employee Spotlight—Get to know rand*s Directors’ of Field Operations

Simply put, the Director of Field Operations is ultimately responsible for the overall field work conducted on projects – from leading superintendents and ensuring all company policies and procedures are followed to overseeing project safety, scheduling, and meeting client expectations. Excelling in this position is no small feat, and we are grateful to have skillful team members who make the job seem easy. Jose Guzman, Tim Welch, and Zach Clardy hold the title of Director of Field Operations with rand* and have shared a few insights with us about their experience.


  1. How would you describe your job to someone you just met?


Tim- My job allows me to work with the field and office, creating strategies, plans, schedules, and solutions that enable projects to be completed successfully. More importantly, surpassing today’s industry standards by being a resource influencing and mentoring people to achieve high-end results through all phases of construction acumen.


Zach- I am a liaison who helps coordinate between the office and the field to ensure the field has everything they need for a successful project. I also continue to build on the relationships rand* has developed with the many repeat clients to see that design and quality are being articulated and executed.



  1. What is the hardest part of your job as the Director of Field Ops?


Jose- Meeting our job schedules with the current lead time on materials, electrical, lighting, and mechanical.


Tim- The hardest part of my job is knowing I never had or will have control of the availability of material/inventory produced or purchased by suppliers, especially post-Covid. Even with navigating material delays and manpower shortages, I still need to ensure that the approach to turning over the highest quality jobs on schedule is a priority.


Zach- Construction in our TI industry is ever-changing, but as a team, we are constantly problem-solving material lead times, schedules, and staffing needs for all of our projects.


  1. What is your favorite part of your job as the Director of Field Ops?

Jose- Collaborating with the rand* Denver team to build successful projects, seeing our organization grow and our employees succeed in their roles.


Tim-Mentoring young professionals, seeing career growth and developing trustworthy relationships. As I embraced the wisdom passed on to me from my mentors, I am hoping to do the same for those I work with and to see this company grow stronger every year.


Zach- Seeing everyone succeed! I love seeing a project come together and being able to watch the team be proud of their success and knowing I was able to help them achieve that.


  1. Why is this role critical to the success of rand* projects?


Jose- I am a conduit to connecting the field personnel with the office employees. In this role, I can share my construction experience with my coworkers and provide mentorship. I aim to provide a transparent and collaborative working relationship with all parties involved in the construction build.


Tim- As the Director of Field Operations, it allows direct interaction with all operation teams and the ability to provide big picture insight to mitigate job impacts. I love the opportunity to work directly with superintendents and office personnel across the company to ensure they are producing the very best product for rand*. The Director of Field Ops is boots on the ground, working closely with rand* employees and across the industry (architects, clients, development firms, our trade partners, etc.) to work collaboratively. We are most successful when we all work together as one!


Zach- Training and mentoring are crucial to the success of everyone wanting to grow and excel in their career. It is the key to being a director and helping provide that for the continued success of rand* and its employees.