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National Partnerships

National Partnerships

Building solid relationships with our clients has always been a top priority for our company. For 30+ years, we’ve established a reputation in the industry as a trusted and reliable partner to our clients nationwide. It’s through these strong relationships and continued operational excellence that we’ve successfully expanded our footprint to offices in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, and Denver to service the needs of our national customer base.

Having a deep understanding of each local market, developing a network of experts in the field, and consistently exceeding client expectations is how rand* continues to earn repeat business from well-respected organizations like our confidential client—one of the largest investment firms servicing customers globally. To date, rand* has completed 14 projects for the firm, with three projects currently under construction or in the preconstruction phase.

Although the client is the same, it’s crucial for our team to approach each project as if it’s our first, regardless of the location or scope. It requires the same attention to detail, collaboration, and flawless execution to deliver a final product on par with the client’s vision. Completing multiple projects for this investment firm has provided our team with valuable insights that we can leverage when embarking on future opportunities.

“rand* is a trusted partner, always willing and able to deliver projects as planned. Each local team has a complete understanding of their diverse markets. They consistently apply their expertise to manage subcontracts, work effectively with building management, and develop a team environment with all project stakeholders.” -Senior Vice President, Confidential Client

We are grateful for the longstanding partnership we’ve established with this client and look forward to continued growth and success.