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Elite Body

6200 Bridge Point Parkway, Austin, TX

Size:5,000 SF
Schedule:18 weeks

Elite Body

The fully renovated Elite Body space is the epitome of refinement and innovation in the realm of body sculpting. Within the 5,000 square foot expanse, this remodel transformed a mere office into a sanctuary of luxurious excellence, seamlessly merging functionality with opulence. From the meticulously crafted operating rooms to the serene consultation chambers and the well-appointed staff areas. The very essence of sophistication is encapsulated within the high-end finishes and lighting within this establishment. The focal point of this masterpiece is undoubtedly the multiple operating rooms. Here, cutting-edge technology merges seamlessly with the soothing ambiance, providing both patients and practitioners an environment conducive to achieving aesthetic excellence. These operating rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allow for intricate procedures while ensuring patient comfort. Stepping into the consult rooms, the mood shifts to one of tranquility and privacy. Soft lighting and plush furnishings create an atmosphere where clients can openly share their aspirations and concerns. What truly sets this remodel apart is the collaboration that unfolded between the visionary design team and the discerning client. The team’s commitment to excellence led to the provision of custom long-lead items well before the official release, allowing for meticulous planning and adherence to the project’s timeline. This strategic foresight ensured that deadlines were met without compromising the quality or craftsmanship that defines this establishment. In essence, this 5,000 square foot remodel of a body sculpting office has birthed a realm where artistry, science, and luxury coalesce.

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