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Multi-National Professional Service Firm

901 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL

Size:130,000 SF
Schedule:20 weeks

Multi-National Professional Service Firm

rand* was hired by a longtime client for the large-scale, phased, occupied renovations at the client’s new Orlando location in Lake Mary, Florida. With over 130,000 square-feet, the Multi-National Professional Service Firm envisioned the space for an opening of the US Delivery Center, allowing the firm to provide expanded US-based delivery center capabilities with a technology focus for private and public sector clients. The contemporary design was to update the offices to encourage collaborative work efforts through a series of open work environments, breakout areas, and huddle rooms.

The goal in 2014 was to expand the company’s Orlando workforce by over a thousand people. Furthermore, the ultimate intent was to consolidate two other US facilities and restore information technology jobs that had since been transferred overseas. rand operated this expansive renovation out of two offices, the DC Metro and the Atlanta office, utilizing a traveling team to visit the site periodically for meetings and updates, as well as a superintendent who relocated to Orlando during the build-out. The overall interior build-out was complimented by extensive upgrades in information technology and security packages, which were implemented under the intense supervision of rand’s project team.