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Wilson Elser – DC

1500 K Street, NW, Washington, DC

Size:6,500 SF
Schedule:13 weeks

Wilson Elser – DC

The tenant improvement project for Wilson Elser was a jewel box space housing a complex design in a small footprint. The scope called for selective demolition and full construction of reception, conference space, open office, private offices, and collaboration areas. The project is highlighted by the custom baffled ceilings present throughout the space. The ceiling system required extensive coordination between multiple trades to ensure proper integration within the design.

Due to the aggressive thirteen-week schedule, detailed workplans were developed during preconstruction to ensure all parties clearly understood their respective roles, responsibilities, and turn-over conditions. Staying adaptable throughout the construction process was critical due to some elements still being under design and value engineering exercises up until mobilization most critically the millwork, reception, and stone work scopes.

The existing space contained considerably low plenums creating a high level of difficulty to install the ductwork and light fixtures while still maintaining the design intent especially with regard to the incorporation of the baffled ceiling in reception. The project also contained multiple long lead items, most notably, the large ceiling tiles that adhere directly to the slab and the infusers that were required for the building mechanical system.