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Research Park Landscape Improvements

12401 Research Park Blvd, Austin, TX

Architect:GSC Architects
Size:60,000 SF
Schedule:12 Weeks

Research Park Landscape Improvements

rand* was contracted to provide preconstruction and construction services at Research Park One for an exterior capital improvements project. The major scope of work was a complete demolition and excavation of the existing landscaping, hardscaping, structures, and courtyard area to renovate the exterior footprint of the building to promote interaction within the natural environment. The extensive demo effort required an entire scrape, excavate, and build-back. The new design set to provide outdoor communal spaces supported by a large structural canopy, two large IPE decks, multiple decorative concrete pads, new pathways, handrails, and showcased by a sculptural steel runnel water feature that flows throughout the length of the courtyard. The new build back required all new drainage and irrigation infrastructure to service the new landscaping. All of the feature areas are fed by new underground power runs to provide electricity for food trucks, lighting, and charging stations.

All construction activities had to be performed while the adjacent buildings were occupied and in close proximity to the major work efforts. Heavy machinery had to be navigated in and out of the work areas without compromising the flow of traffic and business functions of the office buildings. Project flow and direction of construction was especially critical to begin at one end of the courtyard and work out while ensuring all work was complete and design intent was met.

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