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Summit Utilities

10825 E. Geddes Ave, Centennial, CO

Architect:Powers Brown
Size:17,000 SF
Schedule:14 Weeks

Summit Utilities

Summit Utilities partnered with rand* as a preconstruction and construction partner for Summits brand new space in a first generation building. While Summit Utilities renovated their current office multiple times, this is the first brand new office for Summit Utilities in 20 years. As with any project, there is a budget to meet. rand* was brought in at the very beginning to work with the architect and Summit to provide the creative ideas brought to the table in a cost effective manner. Summit Utilities is a natural gas providers. The main way natural gas is delivered to Summit’s customers is by pipes. The idea was to have painted pipes hung from the ceiling in open areas running from the entrance of the space, running throughout and ending at the branding wall in the break room. This main design element was a design build by rand and its subcontractors as no one involved had ever done this before. With budget difficulties and design changes, rand and its subcontract were able to provide the element. The offices consists of a board room with a catering room, perimeter offices with demountable wall glass fronts, training room with an operable wall, open offices around the core of the space with acoustical ceiling clouds and a break room.

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