• Linda Rabbitt
    Linda Rabbittceo | chairman

    Linda Rabbitt founded rand* construction in 1989, and was one of very few female leaders in the industry at the time. She is still an active leader as Owner and Chief Executive Officer, and is responsible for setting the strategic vision for the entire organization. Linda provides executive direction, manages client services, and oversees all aspects of corporate and financial operations. Under her leadership, rand* has grown into one of the top general contractors in the DC metro area and has expanded on a national scale with licensure to perform construction services in over 26 states. Her knowledge of the industry and professional experience has enabled rand* to deliver award-winning work for a vast client base. With a focus on innovation, quality and customer service, Linda continues to be actively involved in the firm’s expansion and performance in all local markets, the cultivation of client relationships, and the management and oversight of company-wide strategic development.

    phone  202.449.9840

    email rabbitt@randcc.com

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    ceo | chairman
  • Kurt Haglund
    Kurt Haglundchief operating officer

    As Chief Operating Officer, Kurt applies his 30+ years of experience in business, architecture, construction, and real estate to rand*’s business growth and development. Kurt spends much of his time working with teams in all four of rand*’s offices ensuring that they are able to provide high quality service to our clients. rand_ABOUT_leadership_linkedin_on

    phone direct 703.553.7665

    email haglund@randcc.com

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    chief operating officer
  • Mike Clough
    Mike Cloughprincipal, director of project operations

    Mike is responsible for overall project planning and staffing while providing technical direction and ensuring quality controls on all projects. He is a leader in safety and client management and oversees all field operations.


    Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and brings 27 years of experience to his projects. rand_ABOUT_leadership_linkedin_on

    phone direct 703.553.7642

    email clough@randcc.com

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    principal, director of project operations
  • David Fletcher
    David Fletcherprincipal, director of preconstruction services

    Dave oversees rand*’s collaborative preconstruction practices. He is responsible for managing the scheduling and estimating teams and providing cost models and analysis on a range of projects. He remains actively involved during construction, monitoring project costs to ensure that they remain at competitive pre-bid levels. rand_ABOUT_leadership_linkedin_on

    phone direct 703.553.7648

    email fletcher@randcc.com

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    principal, director of preconstruction services
  • Tim Schmidt II
    Tim Schmidt IIprincipal, director of preconstruction services | LEED ID+C

    As Principal, Tim is responsible for managing numerous project teams throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of the schedule. He applies over fifteen years in the construction industry to his leadership and oversight of the project management process and ensures that the client is continuously informed throughout the process. Tim’s successful completion of various award-winning projects has resulted in numerous repeat clients.

    phone direct 703.553.7647

    email schmidt@randcc.com

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    principal, director of preconstruction services | LEED ID+C
  • Matt Dausch
    Matt Dauschprincipal, regional director

    Matt is the Director responsible for managing the rand* Austin office operations. He leads the team in business development, client service, and project administration. He is responsible for ensuring that each team has the necessary resources to complete the project on time, within budget, and to the highest quality.  rand_ABOUT_leadership_linkedin_on

    phone direct 512.831.7359

    email dausch@randcc.com

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    principal, regional director
  • Cullen McGuire
    Cullen McGuireprincipal, regional director | LEED AP ID+C, PMP

    With over 10 years of project management experience, Cullen is the managing Director of rand*’s Denver office operations. He has led and delivered numerous award winning commercial interior projects. Cullen now functions in an executive role, providing strategic direction and operational management to the rand* Denver team.

    phone direct 720.340.8834

    email mcguire@randcc.com

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    principal, regional director | LEED AP ID+C, PMP
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